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 Shan Marcus, Owner/Designer

Shan Marcus, Owner/Designer


THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE Landscaping business...

My commitment to sustainability has been a lifelong commitment. It’s not something I’ve come to because the market is ready. I’ve been helping to move the green market forward for the last 15 years.

It all began back in the 90’s when I took my first volunteer job at David Suzuki Society. Inspired to be a part of the solution, I enrolled in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, where I won the entrance scholarship for my essay entitled: My vision of a sustainable future.

While getting my education, I worked with some of Canada’s best and leading small green business visionaries in Toronto, Ontario. My 5 years spent managing Grassroots Environmental Products taught me that there was a green alternative for just about everything and I spent my days educating the public about those products. During those years, I saw green products move from the fringes to the mainstream. Talk about working yourself out of a job!

My 5 year position as Operations Manager at Urban Harvest, an organic seed, seedling and garden amendment company in Toronto educated me on organic gardening methods and products and opened me up to the world of Organic Land Care. I saw first hand how healthy and vibrant (not to mention, kid and pet friendly) gardens, free of pesticides and conventional fertilizers, could be.

I’ve been gardening since 2000 when Colette Murphy of Urban Harvest showed me that gardens don’t have to be Begonias, Pansies and 10-7-7. Her line of organically grown, rare and heirloom vegetable and herb seeds and seedlings, as well as her line of native plants made me see that gardening could actually be something that changed the way we live with nature and treat the planet. I developed a love of growing bee and butterfly gardens as well as culinary and medicinal herb gardens during this time.

Later, after working in high end residential landscape construction when I moved to Victoria, I would find my love of ornamentals. However, being a practical person, I knew I couldn’t create gardens that were labour intensive and required large inputs of water and other resources. This is when I began studying the few hundred low maintenance, water wise and native plants that flourish here in our Mediterranean climate.

I work with a talented group of CAD Designers, Carpenters, Food Foresters, Horticulturalists, Habitat Biologists, Rainwater Management Specialists, contractors and inspired staff to bring you stunning and sustainable landscapes and outdoor spaces.

Be part of the growing trend. Landscapes for the future. 

250.885.8154 or info@thrivegardens.ca

Shan Marcus

- Owner, THRIVE